Thanks to the Intex air mattress!

We live in a holiday place – the beach is five minutes away, the weather warm all year round, we have a big house and I enjoy cooking – I even write about it for a living. Guess what? Our friends love to come to visit and we are happy to entertain them.

Sometimes this can be too much, especially when you only have one bedroom with limited sleeping places. The other day, we had a family of five drop in – out of the blue. They had sent a message, but I had been so buried in writing my new cookbook that I had overlooked it.

There they stood with smiling faces on our door step. Unfortunately, we only have three guest beds, too few sleeping places.
While we were still pondering how to accommodate them, a courier arrived – with the Intex air mattress we had just ordered. You cannot imagine our relief. I tipped the courier man an extra five, I was so happy. I even decided to join the people who have written glowing Intex air mattress reviews.

Thanks to the Intex air mattress, our guests had a wonderful time with us. The Intex mattress was set up in no time at all, thanks to the built-in electrical pump. The flocked surface felt almost like a soft cotton sheet. Although our friends love to eat and their bodies show it, they slept very well. The two chambers of the air mattress make it feel like a solid bed. Nothing shakes, everything holds, even under heavy weights. An indent around the air mattress makes it easy to slip fitted sheets over the air mattress.

Now we don’t have to fear surprise guests any more. We have had our Intex air mattress for well over one year and we have used it many times. The quality is excellent and I don’t want to miss it. When our guests leave, we slip the mattress into its duffel bag and store it in our closet. Its handy size fits into the bottom space of our cupboards where it can rest safe and sound until we need it again.

Choosing the Best Schwinn Elliptical Machines

Nothing matters most to me than my physical fitness. I always understand that my health is my wealth and physical fitness is part of it. When it comes to maintaining my physical fitness, I ensure that I use the best machine in the market. One such machine is the Schwinn elliptical model that I love as it is budget friendly and comes with lots of nice features that make it comfortable to use. The machine that I have to pick must come with a strong console and also a built-in audio port that will make my daily exercises enjoyable and fun. However, getting the best machine on the market today is a challenge. I always ensure I use the best Schwinn elliptical machine reviews so that at the end of the day, I can get what I want.

So, what is it that I look for on the elliptical machine that I pick for my daily exercises? Apart from the machine being affordable in terms of price, I ensure that the elliptical machine that I pick is comfortable to use and compatible with my body. I can’t have a machine that I can’t use just because it’s cheap. I ensure that I pick an elliptical machine that will meet my needs.


Purchasing the best elliptical machine from Schwinn means I have to do some market research so as to end up with the model that I needed. Different models will come with a different price, specifications and features. Before getting into the market, I always ensure I have asked some of my friends, my gym instructor and other online sources that are genuine. Gathering this information enables me to plan the money I can spend in purchasing an elliptical machine that I need.

For any Schwinn elliptical machine that I have to purchase, it must have a warranty of a minimum ten years. During this period, the manufacturer is liable for repair when my elliptical machine breaks down. The warranty also acts as a way of guaranteeing me that I shall have quality services from the elliptical machine. I don’t like just to buy a Schwinn elliptical machine very costly just because I saw it being advertised.

With the growing technology, for any elliptical machine that I purchase, it must be up-to-date in terms of features and performance. I always ensure that I get a new and innovative machine on the market that will help me keep an active and healthy lifestyle. I always end up getting a machine that is compatible with my fitness goal and that which is within my budget.

With over a hundred years in production, Schwinn is the best place where I get guaranteed of getting the best elliptical machines. The model and specification of the elliptical machine I want will get dictated by the fitness goal I intend to achieve after using the machine.

Why I Would Go With This Rice Cooker Anytime

To begin with; I love eating rice; it is one of those meals that a day does goes without a plate of it. Now, A few months ago I was out there in the market looking for the best rice cooker. The one I had in my kitchen was getting old and my friends had over and over told me to buy a new one. Since I wanted the best, I called a friend who sold some of these items in town. I wanted to get some of the best ideas from him. We talked for a while and at the end he suggested I go for a rice cooker with stainless steel bowl. I had so much trust in him and I made up my mind that I was going to do exactly that. Two days late, I had it my kitchen.


Three months down the line and I cannot even start to mention all the good things I have been able to do with my rice cooker with stainless steel bowl. To begin with, this is one of the safest rice cookers to have tried my hands on. The inside coming fully complete with scratch resistant steel, my food is not contaminated by any kind of metals. As if that is not even enough; it is easy to clean. With warm and soapy water, I am good to go. That has not even been the best pat; unlike in the past, the kind of versatility I have been able to net from my rice cooker is simply unbelievable. Other than rice, I can do quite an array of other cooking with my cooker. Overall, if you are out there looking for the best rice cooker, I suggest you go with the one that comes with a stainless steel bowl. The benefits are far reaching.

More options at Frontera Cooking.


How I Used Cookware Reviews to Build My Online Business

Early 2015, my husband and I decided that it was best that I resign from my job and take care of the kids. He’d just received a promotion which meant he could support our young family. After only a few weeks at home, I realized that I had lots of time on my hands. Having been employed before, I longed to make my own income. A friend recommended working from home. She further recommended becoming an affiliate marketer.

roasted chicken

After a few weeks learning the art or marketing online, I decided that I would promote stuff I would usually use at home in the kitchen. I was particularly passionate about cookware. However, my main challenge was finding the cookware to promote. There were hundreds of brands and models to choose from. I wanted to promote the best. It occurred to me that to find the best, I simply had to find out what other consumers are saying. I simply searched best cookware reviews 2015.

This search produced about 10 reviews of the best cookware brands as voted by consumers. I noticed that they weren’t that detailed. However, several cookware sets were featured in almost all the reviews. I took these sets and conducted some extensive research on them.

After this, I created a website and added my cookware reviews on it. The first two months were hardest since I had to get visitors to my site. I was practically on every site that dales with cookware promoting my new site. As time went by, traffic begun to grow and I made a few sales. I continued adding new reviews and traffic continued to grow. The great thing was that I relied on other people’s reviews to know which cookware sets were most sought after. But I would make sure that my content was the best online. After five months, my efforts finally paid off. My site was making me more money than what I was earning from my previous employment.

Source: Cook with Tina

How I Get to Spend so Much Time at Home

If you have spent much time reading here, you will notice I spend a lot of time talking about things in my house – my appliances, gadgets and computer equipments mostly (I love people too, but technology will always be special to me).

You might be wondering how I manage to spend so much time at home, enjoying all these modern conveniences. “Is he unemployed?” you might ask yourself. Nope, I’m not unemployed. Neither am I an Internet millionaire. I’m a social media strategist, a big name for a small time consultant who spends hours on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Pinterest. Doing work. From home.

“But how do you get clients,” you ask. “How can they trust you to work from home?” Wow, you’re feeling direct today, aren’t you!!

Let me tell you how I’m able to enjoy this lifestyle and still appear professional. I have a virtual office space in New York City.


When I first heard the term “virtual office,” the picture that came to mind was something like The Sims. A tiny little digital office filled with pixelated cubicle drones working on reports and Powerpoint presentations for a blocky, digital cigar chomping boss.

No, a virtual office is not like that. It’s virtual because, although it has a physical address in the real world, it’s not a real office. I don’t go there and hold meetings and complain about the AC and the faulty elevator.

I sit at home and work on my Mac. When someone calls the office, a receptionist (human, not machine) takes the call and calls me (at home). She does not tell the client that I’m at home. If I’m busy, she takes a message.

When I receive a letter at the office, someone (I don’t know who) opens it and scans it for me. Minutes later, it’s on my screen, in an email.

Now maybe you are thinking that I’ve outsourced this to a third world country, that in my virtual office in Kuala Lumpur there are dozens of exploited people working for a handful of rice every day. Nope, I believe in paying a fair wage, and what’s more, I have a virtual office in NYC. This means that I have an impressive, prestigious address to give my clients, and my staff are all native English speakers.

And because I am sharing this location with many, many other businesses (I don’t know how many – never asked), I get this at a fraction of the price of a “real” office. And without the commute, too!

Sowing Wild Oats (and barley)

In the heart of rural Clarendon, Jamaica, reside the best bread makers I’ve ever met, nestled right between the rural to urban bus stop and a usually well populated drinking bar there’s a small zinc roofed concrete room operated by an elderly woman and her daughter and used as a bakery of sorts where the most surprising combination of ingredients come together in a mass of doughy greatness to create the softest, hottest, sweetest bread you can find in the parish.

In my opinion the women running the zinc roofed bakery are the best bread makers of all time even though I have not as yet sampled all the bread of all time but I think they would rank really high on the least if not top it. On a particular Friday afternoon a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to drop by the miniature bakery when the elder proprietor’s daughter had just finished baking several loaves of bread that smelled heavenly.


The second thing I noticed about the loaves of bread after the heavenly smell was the familiar flakes on the crust that I was more familiar with seeing in my breakfast porridge than on my bread; they were oats. I was later to learn that the bread was filled with grounded oats with a little barley and the oat flakes I was seeing on the crust were basically just for aesthetics, or so I imagined. I happily purchased half a sweet smelling loaf of oat and barley bread and marvelled at the way the oats gave the otherwise smooth crust surface of the bread a distinct character and pleasant feeling.

In my mind it had never occurred that oats could go into bread I was of the belief that oats were for porridge or raw consumption and barley was for beer; beliefs I revealed to the elderly woman in charge who responded with a healthy, young laugh, advising me that oats and a little barley made very good bread. Alas I couldn’t debate with her on the subject as the bread was divine, secondly I can’t bake and finally she along with her daughter had already sealed a place in my heart and palate as the best bread makers. What I need is to go back to the little bakery and get them to make another fresh loaf of the oat bread with a little barley hot with butter.

Help in Finding The Best Sewing Machine

I’d always enjoyed making clothes for my kids and the old Singer sewing machine that had been passed down from my Mother to me had always performed flawlessly, until the day that it simply stopped. I took it in to the dealership for repairs and was sadly told that due to its age the spare parts were simply not available any more. The time had come for me to look for a new sewing machine. The challenge was that I wasn’t familiar with what was in the market and I needed to be sure that the machine that I bought was within budget and would provide years of solid performance.


So I was on the lookout for where I could find the best sewing machine reviews. I wasn’t going to spend a cent until I was sure I was buying quality and reliability. As a first step I went and bought the latest edition of the sewing magazine that I read to get patterns and other information. That had a couple of great reviews in it, however I wanted more information – preferably from ordinary people who were using their sewing machines on a regular basis.

I eventually found what I needed on the Internet, from two different sources. One was a sewing and home crafts focused forum and chat room where I could speak to other people in real time and get their ideas of what machine would best suit my needs and the other was on I like browsing through the Amazon product pics because you can usually find great reviews from average people who use the products on a daily basis. Using the Internet also allowed me to visit other specialist websites where I could get more information about the various choices that were available to me and also do direct price comparisons between the various alternatives.

What I Have been Able To Do With My Kitchen Knife

To begin with; I have been shopping for kitchen knives for one of the longest times. After all, having been operating a home appliance store in town, I once in a while go out looking for some of the best products for my customers, and kitchen knives are among some of the kitchen tools I always come across. When it comes to the best kitchen knives reviews, with my experience, I have come learn how to pick the best kitchen knives from a group of knives. I know all that go into a great knife and people often come to me just for a few pieces of advice. Over the years, here a few of the good things I have been able to net from my kitchen knife and to some extend I owe all of it to the kind of choices I always make.


Just like any other cutting tool, versatility is one of the factors I always put into great consideration when it comes to the best kitchen knives reviews. The best part, with some of the best kitchen knives I have at home, it is amazing how I have been able to do quite a number of things. To me, a great kitchen knife is one that can help me do a number of things from slicing, dicing and even mincing. It cannot get better than that. Moreover, the kind of grip my knives come with is unbelievable; the handles are easy to handle,

At the end, just like my case, if you are thinking of buying a nice and high performing kitchen knife, I suggest you do a little bit or research on the best kitchen knives reviews. It is important, I personally having had a not so good experience with an array of kitchen knives, I have come to realize that the choice I make can break or even make the number of great things I can do with my kitchen knife.

I have perfected the art of making throw pillows


There is nothing as difficult as buying something for the first time in one’s life. This is particularly true if it is something costly. The pressure of making the right decision is usually unending. Like in my case, my husband was lending me the money I needed to buy a sewing machine. I had told him about my plans for making and selling throw pillows and he had liked it. In that case, I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. For me, finding a beginner sewing machine was of utmost importance.

As a mother of four, working in the corporate world had proved impractical for me. I would leave home very early in the morning and then return very late at night. This had become a constant source of conflict between my husband and I. that’s why I opted to quit and find a way to earn income from the comfort of my house.

When doing the actual shopping, I was very confused. I noticed that there were so many brands, different features as well as price ranges. On the other hand, the process was simpler because I was looking for a sewing machine that is easy to use- specially designed for individuals with minimal skills and experience. Additionally, I was looking for a sewing machine with fewer features since I was only going to use it to make throw pillows. The price range was also an important factor that I put into account because I had a limited budget. With these factors in mind, it wasn’t difficult for me to develop a small list of the best sewing machines for beginners. Besides, sewing machine reviews came in extremely handy because they served as guide.

Eventually, I managed to find a suitable machine, went to my local sewing machine shop and tried it out. Performing functionality check is paramount when buying tools or equipment of this nature. The last thing you want is to buy a machine that breaks down when you have hardly started making any money. The fact that there are so many machines available in the market gave me the benefit of choosing from a variety. On the other hand, it is important for one to be careful in order to find the right machine.

I spend my days making throw pillows and supplying to the local stores and individuals. When my kids have gone to school, and my husband is at work, if I am not making money writing blogs, you will find me making throw pillows. It is an art I have perfected for the past five months, and I am happy.