Starbucks tips about brewing coffee

When customers come to the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, they are fascinated with an array of nearly a dozen different brewing options.

“People who come to the Roastery are amazed at all the different ways we brew our coffee,” said Chad Moore from Starbucks Coffee Education team, who helped open the Roastery in December. “There is a lot of curiosity there.”

Moore shares how to bring the experience of the Roastery through brewing coffee at home.

brew coffee

Start off with the Four Fundamentals

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Getting the four fundamentals right is the best start: using the proper proportion of coffee to water, selecting the best grind for the brewing method, and using quality water and fresh coffee.

Proportion – The general rule for coffee-making is two tablespoons (10 grams) of ground coffee for each six ounces (180 milliliters) of water. Too few coffee grounds result in over-extracted or bitter coffee. Too many grounds result in under-extracted coffee that does not achieve the full flavor of the blend. Proportion is the most common coffee-making mistake – and the easiest mistake to correct.

Grind – Different brewing methods require different grinds. A grind that is too fine will trap water and result in a bitter, unpleasant brew. A grind that is too coarse leaves coffee weak and without distinguishing characteristics or flavors. Over-extracted coffee tastes much worse than under-extracted coffee, so when in doubt as to the brewing method, always err on the coarse side. Coffee connoisseurs agree that the best coffee – thick, rich and truest to its flavor profile – is made in a traditional coffee press. A coffee press requires a coarse grind.

Water – While it may not seem like an important ingredient, coffee is 98 percent water. The type of water used when brewing greatly affects the final taste. Always use clean, fresh water that is filtered or free of impurities – avoid soft water or well water. Water heated to just off the boil (195º-205ºF or 90º-96ºC) does the best job of extracting the coffee’s full range of flavors. Water that is too cool will mute the flavor and dull the coffee’s aroma.

Freshness – Coffee’s biggest enemies are oxygen and moisture. Always store coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. Storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer can result in moisture from condensation and is not recommended for daily use. If coffee needs to be kept for more than two weeks without being used, store it in the freezer in an airtight container. Coffee should be ground fresh each time it is made. Grinding exposes more surface area to oxygen, releasing flavor and freshness. Brewed coffee should always be stored in a thermal carafe and never left on the burner or reheated.

Coffee Press

One of the simplest ways to brew coffee is also one of the most flavorful. Brewing with a coffee press retains the precious natural oils that paper filters absorb, and extracts the coffee’s full flavor while giving it a thick, rich consistency.

“A coffee press doesn’t have a paper filter, just metal mesh. So you get all the oil, all the flavor,” said Moore. “It produces a nice full-body coffee that’s a little smoky, sweet. A dark-roast coffee like Caffé Verona really comes through in a press.”

To make a pot of coffee in a coffee press, use coarse ground coffee that resembles sea salt. Fill the press with hot water that is just off the boil, making sure to saturate all the grounds. Plunge after four minutes and enjoy within the next 20 minutes.


Pour-over is a simple way to brew a single cup of coffee with clean, fully developed flavor and body.

“Blonde Roast coffees like Veranda Blend® have a more delicate and citrusy flavor that shows up nicely in a pour-over.”

Moore recommends starting with a good vessel that pours easily – such as a kettle with a gooseneck spout. He also pre-moistens the paper filter with hot water and discards the rinse water to give the coffee the purest flavor possible.

Next, measure out the coffee (it’s a fine grind that looks like granulated sugar). Start with a process that’s called “blooming,” which sets up the coffee to extract. Pour just enough near-boiling water into the filter to saturate all the grounds, and let it rest for 10-30 seconds. Then pour the rest of the hot water into the cone in a slow, circular motion.

“When I’m at home, I usually make my coffee in a pour-over,” said Moore. “A good pour takes two or three minutes, and I find taking that time can be relaxing, almost meditative.”

Chemex Coffeemaker

Chemex ® is an elegant one-piece hourglass shaped vessel, made of high quality, heat-resistant glass that ranges in size from three to 10-cup coffeemakers.

“Like with a pour-over, you can control the water flow extraction,” Moore said.  “You can make more than one cup at a time and bring the carafe right to the table.”

Coffee Brewer

Drip coffee is a convenient way to make great coffee. With the right grind and pure water, you can brew a fantastic cup of coffee in a coffee brewer. For a flat-bottom filter, use a medium grind that resembles sea salt. Cone filters use a finer grind similar to granulated sugar.

“The great thing about a coffee brewer is that it’s automated and programmable,” Moore said. “Press a button and you’re good to go.”

Christmas gift ideas for a laugh

With Christmas still several months away, there is plenty of time for people to come up with enjoyable ideas. Christmas gift ideas can come in many different forms for many different people. For our family in particular, a gift for my sister turned out to have a completely different use.

The Christmas of 2014, I decided to get my sister a giant cardboard cut-out of Sebastian Stan, the actor who played Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. She is a huge fan of the actor, so I thought it would be an appropriate gift she might enjoy. The end result was quite unexpected.

She was initially not that enthusiastic about the gift since her room isn’t too big and she didn’t have that much room for it. As it turned out, she had a rather brilliant idea on how to get some good usage of the cut-out. Since the cut-out is life-size and the character is in his Winter Soldier appearance, the image is quite surprising to see and my sister used it to its full potential. She discovered that hiding the cardboard cut-out around dark rooms and in closets would scare the daylights out of people and this is quite hilarious. Over the next several months, we would hide the cut-out around the house and shock each other to the hilarity of all of us.

Fast forward to today and now we regularly use the cut-out to scare each other on and off. To this day, I have no idea when it will pop up again but it’s still good for a laugh when we confront each other while giggling over it. Perhaps I should check my closet before going to bed tonight…

Christmas gifts can come in many different forms for many different families. For some, it’s personal and for others, it’s for enjoyment. Whatever you choose, make sure its something that will be remembered for years to come.

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Best Cookware – The Good & The Bad

For the longest time, I had been using cookware that I was not pleased with. I tried everything, right from uncoated cookware, aluminium, iron to copper. Don’t get me wrong, all these are pretty good, and I still use them to date, but I always got dissatisfied with them at some point. All the iron cookware ended up rusting. The aluminium ended up scratching and looked unpleasant. I was not too happy with my uncoated cookware because though they were the best at giving food that browning effect, they were the toughest to clean. I finally decided to try copper cookware, but they were pretty expensive so I could buy as much. I was frustrated. I needed to find a long term solution for my problem.

So I decided to embark on a journey in search for the best cookware sets out there. Different varieties and qualities of cookware are developed by day, so finding the best as it were, isn’t exactly easy. I considered three factors: price, reactivity and durability. My dream cookware had to stick within my budget, had to serve me for a long time, and not react with my food. So here’s what I found.

my dream kitchen and cookware
my dream kitchen and cookware


Before all my troubles began, I hadn’t had any non-stick cookware in my kitchen. If you don’t as well, be sure to add in some. They are super easy to clean and use up little oil while you’re cooking. While using non-stick, avoid using any metal cutlery along with it, as they would scratch.

Classic Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cookware is not only flexible and durable, but it’s also pocket friendly. It’s only one con is that steel is not as good as of a heat conductor, so meal preparation would take slightly longer. Other than that, this type of cookware is a definite go-to.

Clad cookware

This type of cookware has different layers of metal infused in it. For instance, stainless steel cookware with aluminium bases. These are particularly good, as aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, and thus remedy’s for steel’s poor heat conductivity. Stainless steel with copper base is even better, but more expensive, given that copper has a best conductivity among the three.

So there you have it. The best kitchen cookware you could possibly have.

Happy shopping!

My recommendation on cookware reviews


They say all that glitters is gold; I say all that glitters is the special cookware that I am about to share with you.

I love cooking, and I am sure you love cooking too, but what about cooking you best meal with unique cookware that is appealing, easy to clean and delivers every time?

Here is an exclusive recommendation of cookware reviews that is a must have in every kitchen in the world.

Emeril Cookware Pro-Clad 12 Pieces

The Emeril Cookware Pro-Clad 12-Piece set has been faithful to my cooking.

First, all these pieces are is a versatile collection with enough pots and pans for your kitchen, but the best feature of this set is the handy splatter screen which can be used in all the pans.

Moreover, that is not enough; all this fantastic kitchenware is manufactured using try-ply stainless steel, what I am trying to say here is that has an a thing aluminum core, sandwiched using two layers of stainless steel all along the cookware.

The advantage is that your food will have evenly distributed heat to cook at the same time, very sturdy and durable.

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick 14-Piece Cookware Set

The Rachael Ray cookware does not get its popularity from the name, but from the beauty that comes from the design and ability to cook any food.

The main feature of this set is the nonstick capability that allows you to use less fat while cooking anything, the orange handle, and black exterior will make a difference in your kitchen if you love the different cooking lifestyle.

Like I said above this 14-piece set is not only for beauty but made of aluminum, combined with Eclipse reinforced coating that is applied in 3 layers and the nonstick layer is from PTFE.

KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials Brushed Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set

The KitchenAid cookware is my latest collection. I had plenty of time to use all of the pieces; I invited friends over so I can cook much food for them.

This is one set of cookware that defines quality, by lifting on the cookware product, you will understand what I mean, the set is a bit heavier compared to another cookware meaning the most durable material is used to make this set.

The best feature of this set is the aluminum disk encapsulated in the base; the excellent conductor allows the pan to hit quickly and evenly.

At a glance, the set features a polished interior and brushed stainless exterior, the silicon handle make it easy to use.

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Getting the best cup of coffee from a drip coffee maker


The auto-drip coffee maker is ridiculed by coffee snobs (and for good reason—plenty of other methods make consistently better coffee), but the auto-drip’s no hassle, automatic brewing still makes it the go-to choice for a lot of homes and offices looking for a quick caffeine fix. While you may not be able to get the “perfect” brew from an auto-drip, you can make it a whole lot better with a little know-how. (More on drip brew here)

An auto-drip coffee maker is handy because you can set it and forget it, but the fact you can’t control the temperature or the water ratio as it pours over the beans means you can’t customize the brew as much to fit your liking. The key to good auto-drip is to do skip any silly tricks and keep it as basic as possible, starting with the right coffee beans and roast.

Start the Process Right: Whole Beans, a Good Grind, Filtered Water, and the Right Temperature

Since you can’t control a lot of the variables that make a cup of coffee good with an auto-drip it’s important that you start the process right. This means fresh-roasted whole beans, getting a good grind, fresh water, and trying to get the temperature as close to right as possible.

Pick and Store Your Beans

Since a drip coffee maker already handicaps the flavor a little it’s really important to get fresh beans. If you’re fortunate enough to have a good local roaster near you it’s worth getting your coffee from them because it’s almost always guaranteed fresh. Coffee goes stale quickly and the process goes even faster when the beans are already ground, so stick with whole beans. If you’re stuck with a grocery store brand be sure to look for a roasting date on the package so you can get something fresh-ish.

If you do have a local roaster where you can buy beans directly it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have any coffee blend recommendations for an auto-drip coffee maker. They’ll at least be able to steer you toward roasts that might work better with a little flavor loss. My favorite local coffee shop recommends a medium roast because a light roast can lose too much flavor and dark will be too strong.

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Get the Grind Right to Speed Up Brewing Time

Coffee gets its flavor and aroma during a process called extraction when the hot water passes through the ground up beans. If this happens too quickly, the coffee will be weak; if it happens too slowly, it will be bitter. The speed of this is decided by how fine the grind of the coffee is.

For most auto drip coffee makers you want a fine or medium grind depending on the type of filter your coffee maker uses. Here’s an estimation of how fine to grind it:

  • Flat Bottom Filters: Medium (close to the texture of sand).
  • Cone Shaped Filters: Medium/Fine (A little finer than granulated sugar).
  • Gold/Plastic Permanent Filters: Medium.

It might take a little experimenting to get the right grind. If your coffee is too bitter, try a coarser grind. If it’s lacking flavor, try a finer grind.

Most auto-drip coffee makers are also programmable, but resist the urge to grind your coffee the night before and set it to automatically wake you up in the morning. It’s best to start the coffee brewing immediately after grinding the beans to capture all the flavor.

Use Filtered Water with the Right Ratio

Since a cup of coffee is mostly water, the quality of that water is important. If you live in an area where tap water isn’t very good then use filtered water for your coffee. You might think the taste of coffee can overwhelm the taste of bad water, but it doesn’t.

Additionally you need to play around and get your water to coffee ratio right. In general, you want about 1 or 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water. Your preferences may vary, so feel free to try different amounts. Once you get a good ratio, stick with it. When you’re doing so, run a few tests on the “cup lines” on your brewer to see how they actually stack up. Different brewers gauge the cups differently and it might not be six ounces.

Perform a Trial-Run to Get Your Coffee Maker’s Temperature Up

If you’re working with an especially junky drip coffee maker like the ones you find in hotel rooms then you’re probably not brewing a cup of coffee anywhere near the temperature you should be. The National Coffee Association recommends that coffee should be brewed between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Most cheaper drip coffee makers can’t get up to this temperature quickly enough and they end up producing a bitter cup of coffee. One trick to solve for the low-temperature problem comes from Budget Travel:

Do a “trial run” of your coffee maker-without coffee-to heat up the machine. Pour the heated water back into the device and brew your coffee as usual. While you won’t get the water to a perfect level of hotness, you will get it pretty darned close.

This can help get an underpowered coffee maker up to the right temperature so it properly brews the coffee. However, some drip coffee makers will keep raising the temperature even after it reaches the optimal 195-205 degrees (which can burn your brew), so your mileage may vary here. Get a thermometer and do some tests. If your machine consistently has problems with a consistent temperature, you’re going to have a tough time getting consistent results. (Article source)

Tips: How to make good cup of drip coffee

Getting the best value chef knife


Newbies in the cooking profession that are looking to elevate their cooking game often ask other seasoned chefs for advice regarding the best cooking equipment in the market. The truth is no amount of quality cutlery can transform a bad cook into a good one. Much as one may try. A good chef can produce masterpieces with substandard cutlery; however, a good knife can make the preparation process a whole lot easier. Depending on one’s budget, hands, body type and budget, the options are endless. It is essential to experiment with a few options to determine the knife that works best before settling on one.

The varieties of best value chef knife reviews out there tend to recommend different types of knives for purchase. Remember that each person’s technique is different. A reviewer, therefore, makes evaluations based on their opinions. In short, most reviews tend to be subjective rather than objective. Therefore, before taking one reviewer’s word over another, I like to make sure that my individual needs are met first. This might involve actually venturing into cutlery stores and getting a feel of each knife before purchase. It sounds like a lot of work, but the effort is worth it in the journey to finding the right knife.

Until then, bear in mind a few tips that will ease the process. Knives are designed for different styles that include western style, Hybrids, and Japanese-esque santoku just to mention a few. The type of cuisine plays a role in determining the type of knife to use. The artisanship of the knives and the materials used to manufacture it tie everything together in a way that allows the user to make an informed decision. Keeping this in mind, it is best to determine the direction that one would like to take, before reading another kitchen knife review.

Shopping the interwebs for home decor is an easy alternative

We’re always advocates for checking out big purchases in person, because there’s nothing worse than ordering a sofa online only to find it’s stiff as a board on arrival. However, shopping the interwebs for home decor is an easy alternative to hitting up crowded stores. And with so many amazing sources for stylish and affordable goods at your fingertips, it’s almost scary how fast you could decorate your entire home.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a BIG list of the best websites for furniture and home goods. For starters…

1. Ballard Designs: Although this line has a traditional feel, there’s something for everyone. And you can choose between hundreds of fab fabrics for upholstered pieces.

2. Jonathan Adler: This cheeky potter has expanded to colorful furniture, lighting, accessories and even fashion — and it’s all available online.

3. One Kings Lane: The king of of decor flash sale sites, this one specializes in amazing vintage finds, too.

4. Fab: This site focuses on up-and-coming brands.

5. Anthropologie: The fashion retailer also has quirky kitchen gadgets, bedding, accessories and furniture — but prices can be steep.

6. My Habit: Created by Amazon, this flash sale site has great deals.

7. Gilt Home: Get deals from hot designers and items curated from some of the best.

8. 1st Dibs: A designer’s secret source for vintage and antiques for the home.

9. MoMA Store: A no-brainer for interesting and artful gifts crafted by notable design stars.

Get the full list here.

What My Espresso Machine Has Done For Me

I cannot really tell when my love for espresso machines and coffee started; all I know is that making my own coffee is one thing I love doing every single morning. To some extent I attribute all this to my mom; from my tender age, I watched her every morning making for the family. Interestingly, I don’t know how she did, but it is one thing I always looked forward to every time I got out of bed. One day it dawned to me; I knew I was not going to stay with mom forever and soon her warm cup of coffee was soon coming to a drastic end. I decided to ask her the magic behind her tasty coffee, I was surprised with what she told me; she owed everything to the best espresso machine my dad got her birthday present.


It is now over 5 years since I moved into my own apartment, and true to what my mom told me, thanks to the best espresso machine I have in my apartment, I make some of the finest coffee every morning. That has not even been the best part, the high pressure my espresso machine comes with is totally out of this world. It enhances the aroma and the body of my coffee. Plus, the crema that normally sits on top of my coffee liquid is something I do not want to think about it when I am far from my house. However, to ensure my espresso machine is up and running the following morning, I always clean it to avoid any residue left behind.

Ultimately, if anything I have been able to do with my espresso machine is anything to go by, I would actually advise anyone who love making his or her coffee to get out today and buy the best espresso machine; the benefits are far reaching.

My Little Espresso Wonder

I have come across a few best espresso machines during my time but 2015 has brought to the fore some really great ones. I have had experience with a number of them. My steam driven one turned into a total disaster. I can’t recommend it to anyone. A strong cup of coffee was what I needed on a number of occasions, but a bad cup of coffee was not to my liking. I have steered clear of them ever since, giving mine over to a relative of sorts.


So where did I begin to discover truly good espresso machines? Well an internet search is obviously the best way to start. There are a number of sites out there that give great reviews on the best espresso machines Some of the top super automatic home espresso makers that I have come to use have been suggested to me via internet sources. I had a very enjoyable experience with a semi-automatic pump-driven machine. Not only is this an easy to use machine but it makes a great espresso for the genuine espresso connoisseur. Not that I consider myself to be anything of the sort, I do like great espressos. Although this machine takes a little longer to produce an espresso than a super pump one, the wait is worthwhile.

There have been other machines that have come in and out of my kitchen over the years. A top espresso maker doesn’t come under the $1000 mark. If you want one that does don’t expect it to do all the work for you. You wont be able to steam and foam milk at the same time, and it is likely that you will end up with a manual one which is pretty laborious to use. I prefer quicker and niftier solution. That is why once I opted for the super-automatic top espresso maker, The best thing about these little beauties is that they do everything from grind the coffee beans to producing a kick-ass cuppa. This is an experience that is to be enjoyed and savored.

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My advice to any would be owner of a top espresso machine is to do a in depth search of all the available machines and write-ups about them. Soon a trend will emerge which will put you in the right light as to what brewing beauty you want to add to your kitchen set. I found mine in the super-automatic and it takes pride of place in its allotted corner, giving me that cup of pleasure all through the day as I scramble around doing what needs to be done. In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece.

Why I Love Juicing


I’m a great fan of juicing, which has brought me tremendous health benefits. Since I’m a busy soccer mom, I normally don’t have much time during the day to sit down and enjoy a lengthy meal. To overcome this challenge, I use my juicer to prepare some juice in the morning and pack it in a to-go cup and take it with me when I’m running my errands. The wonderful thing about packing fresh juice is that I don’t look awkward when I’m enjoying my drink and I don’t have to look for a trash bin to discard any fruit peelings.

I have also enjoyed tremendous health benefits because of juicing. For starters, drinking fresh juice has helped me to detoxify my body and rid it of many toxins. My metabolism has improved and I no longer have any problem with gas or a bloated stomach. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice has also provided me with hormonal balance, and I’m much happier nowadays and I have more energy. Another good thing is that I can control my blood sugar and I no longer have intense hunger pangs or cravings for sugary or salty snacks. I have also been able to lose weight by using the following recipe.

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I take a small beetroot, one red tomato, four carrots, two yellow pears and two red apples. I also use three slices of pineapple, four Brussels sprouts, four cauliflower florets, six broccoli florets and two arugula leaves. After trimming the beetroot ends, I remove the greens and then peel them thinly before cutting them into small chunks. I quarter the tomato and trim the carrot ends while discarding the greens. I don’t peel the apples and pears but I just quarter them. I discard the pineapple rind and cut it into slices. I then bunch up the arugula before juicing all the ingredients together. Delicious!

The Boning Knife is One of My Best Knives

A boning knife is one of the most used and the essential part of my kitchen without which my kitchen is incomplete. It is one of the items that I use most frequently in my kitchen because I debone a lot of game and fish. I simply cannot imagine my kitchen without a boning knife.

A boning knife is a sharp and pointed knife with a narrow blade. Mainly, it is designed for getting rid of the bones from poultry, meat, or fish. These knives are more often than not used in the preparation of non-vegetarian foods. This knife usually has a longer and sturdy blade that can easily dissect tough materials. It is not very long, and the blade is very narrow. To bone the variety of meats and other different foods you need this particular type of knife.
The boning knife features good quality blade and a bigger handle for better grip. You can hold this sturdy knife into your hands to draw out the bones inside the poultry or meats. While cooking fish dishes, you also need this particular type of knife that not only cuts fish easily but also helps in removing the unnecessary parts. However, to cut fish, the flexible knife is used and for the meats or other poultry products, a sturdier one is required. There are a number of varieties, shapes, colors, and sizes available in this segment. A few designs have a sword like arching blade that ensures efficiency with a single cut. When it comes to getting the flesh out of a fish, these special utility knives are used. You can see the power of single cut that these knives have, and there is no scope or need for further cuts. Besides the fish, you can use this knife for separating the bones from the raw meat products.

Talking about the structure of the boning knife it has been found that it has narrow blades that are long enough to move around the bones to separate it from the meat. For the small pieces of poultry and meats, these knives are considered the most effective tools. There are two varieties in this knife section. One of which is the stiff knife that is used to bone the beef and the other one is the flexible blade, which is far better to bone the fish and various other poultry products.

The Ultimate Masticating Juicer For All Your Juicing Needs


Juicing has become most popular in the recent past because it offers the perfect way to quickly extract a quantitative amount of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from fruits and vegetables into our bodies. Everybody in my circle has been raving over juicing until I thought to myself that I need to jump on the bandwagon. But wait, without the ideal juicer, how will I even start my juicing journey? I took it upon myself to do my research on the best juicer just tailor-made for me.

First, I was overwhelmed by the various options to choose from. Do I need a masticating or centrifugal juicer? Most of my friends buzzed about mastication juicers and their numerous resounding benefits. Compared to centrifugal juicers, mastication juicers produce tastier juice(less watery), keep enzymes in track and produce better yield. The slow juicers also reduce the oxidation process which can degrade nutrients. The problem was, there were so many types of mastication juicers to choose from that I got overwhelmed. I knew I was embarking on this healthy juicing journey and I wouldn’t want a lot of setbacks especially not coming from my juicer.

I did my own research on numerous masticating juicer brands and models in the market. I looked for versatility; ease of use and of course the maximum juicing power. To churn out the top masticating juicer, I had to compare product features, manufacturers’ warranties and go through thousands of product review from customers. I finally narrowed down to three that I would recommend depending on one’s need but I’ll start with my ultimate choice because after using it for almost 5 years now, I still sing while juicing for juicing has never been this fun.

Champion Commercial Juicer
It’s my all time favorite because it introduced me to juicing and has stuck with me through thick and thin. Its crazy how emotionally attached to this juicer I have become in fact its analogous to first love, one can never easily scoff it off. So what’s so good about this juicer? Before anything its fast and extracts a lot of juice. It is also easy to clean and it’s built to last. The drive shaft is made from stainless steel while the auger is made from special nylon composite. It is very versatile ranging from making baby foods to making sauces. It’s just amazing how you can keep feeding the pulp back multiple times, but still it extracts juice. Actually am now a self-proclaimed juicing champ or should I say pro. At only $299, you get numerous years of juicing plus it’s made in USA from a family friendly company and comes with a 5 year warranty on all juicing part, 3 year warranty on motor and 1 year on blade and pulp screen.

Omega VRT350
It has a vertical footprint perfect to smaller spaces and uses the auger to help pull fruits and vegetables down and in. This definitely makes work easier. It has a self cleaning wiper which helps remove pulp but leave flavor and color intact. It is also easier to clean and has a 10 years warranty.

Omega 8006
If you want the ideal juicer for leafy greens, it’s just so perfect. It’s also very versatile for it can also be uses to make baby food. Plus the good news is, it has 15 year warranty and the juice is also pulp-free.

There are so many juicers in the market but for my top masticating juicer, I will give it to the Champion Commercial Juicer. Masticating juicers are just perfect for they “chew” food and extract all the nutrients. They are efficient and very versatile. There are so many in the market, I just gave out my opinion depending on my experience. Always remember the best juicer is the one that serves you best within your budget.