I have perfected the art of making throw pillows


There is nothing as difficult as buying something for the first time in one’s life. This is particularly true if it is something costly. The pressure of making the right decision is usually unending. Like in my case, my husband was lending me the money I needed to buy a sewing machine. I had told him about my plans for making and selling throw pillows and he had liked it. In that case, I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. For me, finding a beginner sewing machine was of utmost importance.

As a mother of four, working in the corporate world had proved impractical for me. I would leave home very early in the morning and then return very late at night. This had become a constant source of conflict between my husband and I. that’s why I opted to quit and find a way to earn income from the comfort of my house.

When doing the actual shopping, I was very confused. I noticed that there were so many brands, different features as well as price ranges. On the other hand, the process was simpler because I was looking for a sewing machine that is easy to use- specially designed for individuals with minimal skills and experience. Additionally, I was looking for a sewing machine with fewer features since I was only going to use it to make throw pillows. The price range was also an important factor that I put into account because I had a limited budget. With these factors in mind, it wasn’t difficult for me to develop a small list of the best sewing machines for beginners. Besides, sewing machine reviews came in extremely handy because they served as guide.

Eventually, I managed to find a suitable machine, went to my local sewing machine shop and tried it out. Performing functionality check is paramount when buying tools or equipment of this nature. The last thing you want is to buy a machine that breaks down when you have hardly started making any money. The fact that there are so many machines available in the market gave me the benefit of choosing from a variety. On the other hand, it is important for one to be careful in order to find the right machine.

I spend my days making throw pillows and supplying to the local stores and individuals. When my kids have gone to school, and my husband is at work, if I am not making money writing blogs, you will find me making throw pillows. It is an art I have perfected for the past five months, and I am happy.

My Best Portable Air Conditioner Purchase In 2015

I entered the year 2015 fed up with the problems of air conditioners my house. I only needed an urgent solution to have my smile. Which is the best portable air conditioner to buy in 2015? I thought my problem could be solved by a great portable conditioner purchase.

When I came across the American Comfort, I was very happy. At first I could not believe it could dehumidify my rooms because I was not sure about my purchase. I had struggled with the backlog air conditioning problems with window air conditioners and split air systems and so I thought it could be the same story with the portable air conditioner in hand. But this was not to be.

My wife is generally happy carrying the device from the living room to the bedroom and study room. She relishes the small device’s services and thinks we should actually get more of them. Being light and easy to carry around simplifies the sum of the reason why one should have the portable air conditioners. It is lucky that I own t now.

Moreover, I like many things about this device. Its energy efficiency is really great and I bet the best among all the conditioners that I have used before. I see absolutely no sense of having a conditioner that makes the electricity bill burn your pocket. My American Comfort does not disappoint in this because it is Energy Star qualified and I have not complained about higher electric expenses since I landed in my house.


The programmable timers that the device has make me more comfortable and relaxed. It is now easy for me to find out the optimum level of comfort that I need in the house. It was never easy working with the window conditioning unit. Throughout the seasons I have owned this device with the speed of the fans being adjustable, I am like in a small heaven buddy.

Manageable noise from the air conditioner is really acceptable. I have not required ear plugs before like someone who is in a metal industry. The device like the other varieties such as the Amico has its noise regulated by the A-weighted system.

The AC has filters that are easily accessible and can be replaced or washed easily. It is awesome that my son is now doing the maintenance job. He takes a very short time to empty the bucket and to drain the unit. It is so amazing that he goes about the task without qualms. I previously had altercations with my wife because of air conditioning maintenance issues but they are past and forgotten with the portable device.

Which is the best portable air conditioning unit to buy in 2015? For me and my family it is the American Comfort. It ticked the box of being a good dehumidifier since it makes the room cool and devoid of extreme humidity. It absolutely is never like the condition of the sea side atmosphere but it is cool.

In short, I am happy with the kind of service I receive from the device I deem the best portable conditioning unit to buy in 2015. It was a nice purchase and addition to my home. It is easy to maintain, dehumidifies effectively and I do not complain of higher electric bills with American Comfort.

How I Get to Spend so Much Time at Home

If you have spent much time reading here, you will notice I spend a lot of time talking about things in my house – my appliances, gadgets and computer equipments mostly (I love people too, but technology will always be special to me).

You might be wondering how I manage to spend so much time at home, enjoying all these modern conveniences. “Is he unemployed?” you might ask yourself. Nope, I’m not unemployed. Neither am I an Internet millionaire. I’m a social media strategist, a big name for a small time consultant who spends hours on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Pinterest. Doing work. From home.

“But how do you get clients,” you ask. “How can they trust you to work from home?” Wow, you’re feeling direct today, aren’t you!!

Let me tell you how I’m able to enjoy this lifestyle and still appear professional. I have a virtual office space in New York City.


When I first heard the term “virtual office,” the picture that came to mind was something like The Sims. A tiny little digital office filled with pixelated cubicle drones working on reports and Powerpoint presentations for a blocky, digital cigar chomping boss.

No, a virtual office is not like that. It’s virtual because, although it has a physical address in the real world, it’s not a real office. I don’t go there and hold meetings and complain about the AC and the faulty elevator.

I sit at home and work on my Mac. When someone calls the office, a receptionist (human, not machine) takes the call and calls me (at home). She does not tell the client that I’m at home. If I’m busy, she takes a message.

When I receive a letter at the office, someone (I don’t know who) opens it and scans it for me. Minutes later, it’s on my screen, in an email.

Now maybe you are thinking that I’ve outsourced this to a third world country, that in my virtual office in Kuala Lumpur there are dozens of exploited people working for a handful of rice every day. Nope, I believe in paying a fair wage, and what’s more, I have a virtual office in NYC. This means that I have an impressive, prestigious address to give my clients, and my staff are all native English speakers.

And because I am sharing this location with many, many other businesses (I don’t know how many – never asked), I get this at a fraction of the price of a “real” office. And without the commute, too!